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Staff and Steering Council

Staff and Steering Council

Kim O’Brien, Executive Director

Kim joined the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region in late 2015 as a project-leader for this community collaboration. A year into the project the original collaborators created an Executive Director role for the newly formed Nonprofit Leadership Initiative and Kim was hired in that position. Prior to joining the Initiative, Kim worked for LEAVEN as a Development and Marketing Coordinator. Before this career change kim worked in Human Resources for many years in varying capacities, yet always the nonprofit world. Along with these career paths, Kim was involved on many local nonprofit boards and committees working on fundraising campaigns, human resources projects and technology improvements.

Steering Council

Tammy Williams, Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region
Marti Hemwall, Community Volunteer
Tony Gonzalez, United Way
Jeff Hahn, Real World Strategies
Nancy Heykes, Nonprofit Consultant, Business School Instructor and Attorney
Jenni Eickelberg, Thrivent
Kim Wetzel, Bemis Company Foundation
Mary Sullivan, Community First Credit Union
Mary Downs, Catalpa Health
Gary Cebulski, Community Board Member
Lynn Coriano, POINT Director